ProMariner Battery Charger


ProMariner Battery Charger for increased power and performance

A ProMariner battery charger is designed so that you can enjoy more time on the water.

Delivering fast charge times and proven battery conditioning, a ProMariner battery charger maximizes performance by delivering world-class charging and conditioning to your boat's batteries. Offering protection from the elements, a ProMariner battery charger will extend the life of your batteries.

ProMariner has heavy duty recreational marine battery chargers
to suit your particular requirements.

ProMariner Battery Charger - ProMariner ProSport Series....

The Promariner battery charger ProSport series is a fully Automatic/ Electronic Multi-Stage On-board Marine Battery Charger.

Promariner ProSport is prewired for easy installation and is 100% waterproof for fresh and salt water applications.

The Promariner battery charger ProSport incorporates an extruded aluminum housing with plastic end caps. This design offers improved durability and heat transfer while comparing it to full plastic case competitive products. The ProSport offers multi-stage charging which includes a "Float " maintenance mode that is safe for long and short term storage.

A Promariner ProSport can be left on indefinitely without harming or over charging your batteries. The ProSport's Distributed-On-Demand Multi-Stage Charging Technology will automatically sense and distribute 100% of the available charging amp output, 8,12,or 20 amps (model specific) to any one bank or combination of all banks. Each battery bank output is fully isolated.

Easy to view LED indicators will provide you with AC Power On and Charging Status. The LED Indicators can be seen from the front and side of the charger when installed.

The ProSport is available in 5 models and can be used in 12,24, and 36 volt (model specific) configurations without rewiring or switching. Just attach the DC output
cable terminals.

Here’s what other boat owners are saying about various ProMariner Battery Chargers:

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Promariner ProSport 20+ Generation 3

"Plug it in and forget" 
"Work Great, easy to mount, easy to hook up, this unit feels well-built"

Promariner ProSport 12 Generation 3

"This is a MUST HAVE for any boat owner" 
"Good on board charger! "

Disadvantages when using these ProMariner battery chargers

In our research 99% of the customer feedback was very positive.


ProMar Digital Technology

Microprocessor and software controlled pulse charging technology delivering a 40% lighter design than the previous generation of epoxy filled chargers, cooler charger operation and faster charging.

Automatic Energy Saver Mode

After charging and conditioning batteries ProSport will initiate its Auto Maintain (Energy Saver Mode) which will automatically maintain batteries only when the batteries determine they require it.

System OK & Battery Bank Trouble Status Indicators

Advanced technology eliminates time consuming troubleshooting by clearly indicating system and battery connections are OK or if a fault is present on a specific battery bank.

Digital Multi-Stage Performance Charging

Fully charge and extend the life of your batteries. Automatically charges, conditions and safely maintains batteries on board for maximum time on the water.

Storage Recondition Mode

During short or long-term storage, ProSport automatically reconditions all batteries on board once a month for maximum battery life and performance.

Distributed-On-Demand™ Technology

Automatically charges and maintains your engine crank battery while distributing all remaining charging amps to house or trolling motor battery(s).

Digital LED Display and Battery Type Selector

LED indicators for Charging, Conditioning and Auto Maintain modes in addition to AC Power and selected battery type (2 charge profiles to choose from with a 3rd high performance AGM HP profile on the ProSport20 Dual Bank only).

Built-in Quality & Safety

Compact and rugged extruded aluminum design. Dual in-line DC safety
fuses for trolling motor and house battery banks, built-in over-voltage,
overload, over-temperature, reverse polarity and ignition protection.

Pre-wired for Easy Installation

The Promariner battery charger has a 2-Year Warranty

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