ProMariner 43012 ProSport 12 12 Amp, 12/24 Volt, 2 Bank Generation 3 Battery Charger

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Detailed Product Description

ProMariner 43012 is a very intelligent marine battery charger

The ProMariner 43012 is an intelligent, 2 bank, 12 amp battery charger. A key feature of this ProMariner Prosport 12 charger is that it's capable of sensing increased demand from the auxiliary battery and diverting up to 100% of the available power to that battery.

This incredible ProMariner Prosport 12 gen 3 charger is also fully temperature and microprocessor controlled so it will not overcharge your batteries. The ProMariner 43102 is an extremely durable and rugged charger that is also completely waterproof.

ProMariner 42102 Eliminates Troubleshooting

The advanced technology eliminates troubleshooting by clearly indicating whether the system and battery connections are OK or if a fault is present on a specific battery bank.

The ProMariner 43012 ProSport 12 Gen 3 Battery Charger has been taken to the next level in design and performance. With state of the art all digital microprocessor controlled charging technology, the ProSport delivers fast charge times, in a 100% waterproof and shockproof design.

This ProMariner Prosport 12 gen 3 provides a cooler operation and fully automatic charging, conditioning and maintaining modes for all the batteries connected. It will fully charge, maintain and extend the life of your on board batteries.

In fact, ProSport incorporates Distributed-On-Demand™ Charging technology which takes 100% of the available charging amps and distributes them to any one battery or combination of all batteries as needed for faster charging.

Pre-wired for easy installation, the ProMariner 43012, during short or long-term storage, will automatically recondition all batteries on board once a month for maximum battery life and performance.

Here are some helpful customer reviews of the ProMariner 43012

Source: Amazon Reviews

"Super awesome, does everything for me"

"Great battery charger/maintainer, perfect for my bass boat"

"Works as described charged two used batteries back to life in about 8 hours. It's nice to be able to plug it back up and not worry about your batteries. Would highly recommend."
"This will save me money on batteries in the long run."

"User friendly and good indicator lights on unit."

"Easy to mound and works great on my dual battery system. I would highly recommend."

"Awesome product! I would definitely recommend to anyone"

"Very well made product"

"Works amazingly well, so convenient, should of purchased and installed an on board charger a long time ago. I'm extremely pleased with this unit in all categories."

In our research of the Promariner 43012 most of the customer feedback was very positive.


Dimensions: 9.9"L x 7.25"W x 2.75"D

 Weight: 4 lbs

 Warranty: Two years




Important Product Features

  • Storage Recondition Mode
  • System OK and Battery Bank Trouble Status
  • Digital LED Display
  • Digital Battery Type Selector (HP AGM cap available on ProSport20 Dual only.)
  • 12 Amp charging capacilty
  • 12 or 24 Volt output
  • 2 Battery banks
  • Watterproof, prewired
  • Microprocessor controled, w/ LED Status indicators

Key Product Details

  • Brand: ProMariner

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