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Noco Genius marine chargers

Noco Battery Charger  
A Smart On Board Battery Charger

NOCO® designs NOCO Genius®. Noco battery chargers are the most advanced, smart on board battery chargers in the world. Performance and safety are taken to a whole new level with Noco Genius onboard battery chargers. Battery chargers that are large and cumbersome are now a thing of the past.

Remember, with a Noco battery charger you'll have faster charging which means less time recharging your batteries and more time on your boat.


The Noco Battery Charger Smart On Board Charging Process 

 The Noco Genius smart charging process will charge batteries faster and restore batteries to their original capacity.

Noco Genius has designed their amazing line of marine battery chargers with boat owners in mind. They're built tough to withstand the fiercest elements, as well as being lightweight, so that they can be used in small applications. These marine battery chargers are made for the harshest of conditions.

Why Choose NOCO Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers?

 Because NOCO Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers intelligently diagnose, recover, charge and maintain your batteries and they are simple and easy to use, 

The NOCO Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers always properly charge and maintain your batteries. The result is longer battery life and improved battery capacity.

Here’s what other boat owners are saying about their Noco Battery Charger

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"Great verstaile charger"
"Absolutely awesome"
"A great product that performs as advertized"
"Fantasic charger"
:Great little charger"

 Here's some more reasons

  • Small, Lightweight & Portable
  • Not only are Noco Genius battery chargers lightweight and compact, but they also consume less energy. 
  • The smart technology has enabled a versatile battery charger that is both portable and energy-efficient.
  • Need to charge batteries faster? The Noco Genius smart design allows for charging batteries 2X faster than traditional linear battery chargers.
  • They're safe to use and the chargers are fortified with several unique safety features to protect you, your battery and the battery charger, giving you worry-free operation


Just plug in the Noco Genius battery charger and forget about your batteries.

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