Minn Kota MK 460 PC Precision On-Board 4-Bank Charger

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Detailed Product Description

Minn Kota MK 460 PC offers a Fast and Precise Charge

The Minn Kota MK 460 PC is a 4 bank x 15amp per bank (60 Amps total output) digitally controlled charger which means you'll have a faster, more regulated, precise charge for your battery.

Optimized to deliver the exact charge you require, the pc 460 is waterproof, shock and vibration resistant, plus it is saltwater-tested to fully combat corrosion.

On each bank, you can select what battery type you have connected (AGM, gel or flooded lead acid) to guarantee a safe, protected charge. You'll not only get the fastest charge, you'll also get a smart, precise charge that protects your battery, extends its life and creates longer run times.

The 460 pc charger has features like battery equalization, low line voltage compensation and true rated output.

As a mk 460pc owner you'll know right where you’re at with the LED display on your Precision charger. It displays the selected battery type for each bank, connection status, state of charge and error codes. The LED display lets you monitor each bank's connection status.

The on-board charger will sense outside temperature fluctuations and adjust the charge accordingly, providing a fast, accurate charge.The microprocessor-based design enables the Minn Kota MK 460 PC to continually monitor the temperature and state of charge.

The MK 460 PC offers a Perfect Charge

The MK 460 PC is for use with 12-, 24-, 36- and 48-volt systems with 12V/6 cell batteries that are Flooded Lead Acid, Maintenance Free, Starved Electrolyte (AGM/HP AGM) or Gel only. Ensure a perfect charge by selecting your battery type and viewing the state of charge of each bank. The Minn Kota MK 460 also indicates connection status and power status.

Included with the pc 460 is a convenient holder that keeps the charger plug dry, safe and easily accessible.

The 460 pc extends battery life, restores older batteries and increases battery capacity. It cleans and conditions batteries with each charge cycle.

FCC compliant and designed to UL 1236 marine standard, Minn Kota MK 460 is short circuit, reverse polarity, arc and ignition protected.

Just ½ the weight of traditional chargers, the mk 460pc comes with a 3 year warranty.


Here are some helpful customer reviews of the Minn Kota MK 460 PC Precision On-Board 4-Bank Charger

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 "It's large and heavy but well worth the money. Recharges all four batteries in about four to eight hours"

 "Works great"

 "A great charger. Super efficient and is constructed to hold up for years"

"So works great"

 In our research most of the customer feedback on the Minn Kota MK 460 PC Precision On-Board 4-Bank Charger was very positive


Important Product Features

  • 4 bank x 15 amps 
  • Waterproof, shock and vibration resistant 
  • Aluminum construction 
  • Unparalleled durability 
  • Saltwater tested, 
  • Rugged marine grade aluminum housing and fully corrosion resistant design 
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity, arc and ignition protected Digital control for a faster, more regulated, precise charge for your battery
  • A longer day of worry free fishing for you

Key Product Details

  • Brand: Minn Kota
  • Warranty: THREE YEAR

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