Marine Battery Maintenance Guide

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Marine Battery Care

PLUS the Top 10 Reasons Why Boats Breakdown
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Marine Battery Maintenance Guide


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Here's two of the most overlooked ways of ensuring the operation of your boat

Choosing the right marine batteries.


Knowing how to properly service and maintain your marine batteries.

Remember, if your boat's batteries are not properly serviced, 
they WILL fail to work properly

The Marine Battery Guide

What would you do if you were adrift 10 miles from the ramp, with a boatload of tired,
cranky passengers and an engine that won't start? 

Would you like to have no unexpected downtime that may cost you time, money and ruin your day?

Discover how to double or triple the life of your boat's marine deep cycle batteries.

The most important factor is Marine Battery Maintenance

The key to achieving optimum performance and a longer marine battery life
is a solid marine battery maintenance and servicing program.

Just imagine the implications !
Don't be one of the many boaters who have experienced battery failure
and have had to call a towing service...

Nothing is worse than getting into your boat anticipating a great day's fishing or just relaxing with friends only to find your boat's batteries are dead !

Here's just some of the comprehensive information we provide in this Guide



Marine Battery Maintenance Guide


  • Selecting the right marine battery - How to choose a marine battery that will meet your requirements and power.
    (see page 4)

  • How your deep cycle batteries work - The marathon runners of the storage system.
    (see page 9)

  • Which battery should you choose ? - It is critical to invest in a battery that has been designed and manufactured specifically to handle the extreme demands of marine environments and modern extensive electrical systems.
    (see page 13)

  • Understanding battery ratings - These ratings are designed to help you select the proper battery.
    (see page 19)

  • Determining the Energy Use of your boat - How to determine the amount of electricity the systems on your boat will likely consume over a given period of time.
    (see page 23)

  • Inverters - a level of enjoyment - Choosing the right size inverter depends on many factors.
    (see page 28)

  • Installing your marine batteries - Batteries can be arranged differently to achieve increased capacity or increased voltage to match your specific requirements.
    (see page 34)

  • Choosing the Best On Board Battery Charger - Choosing an on board charger is important and, it requires careful consideration.
    (see page 39)

  • Charging batteries with battery chargers - Using correct marine battery chargers and methods extend battery life and range between charges.
    (see page 44)



Marine Battery Maintenance Guide



Marine Battery Maintenance Guide


  • Maintaining your marine batteries - Improperly maintained marine batteries, can pose serious, even dangerous threats.
    (see page 48)

  • Removing and changing marine batteries - Important battery disposal information.
    (see page 57)

  • Troubleshooting marine batteries - The experience of many, if not most, boat owners is that short battery life and dead batteries are a chronic problem. There are three primary reasons why battery problems occur.
    (see page 60)

  • Marine battery questions answered - Your questions answered.
    (see page 64)

  • Battery myths - True or false
    (see page 69)

  • Winter storage tips - Follow the tips for proper storage of your boat during winter.
    (see page 70)

  • Battery Do's and Don'ts - Important reminders.
    (see page 74)

  • Appendix A - Boat brands and manufacturers - A list of some of the main boat manufacturers and their websites.
    (see page 76)

  • Appendix B - The Hull Identification Number - Where to look for the hull identification number.
    (see page 77)
  • Appendix C - Resources - Need help with your boat ? Check out the resources.
    (see page 78)
  •  Appendix D - Marine Battery Manufacturers - The battery brand names listed are popular batteries that should serve you well.
  • (see page 79) 


  • Appendix E - Marine Battery Chargers Suppliers --Popular marine battery chargers at the very best prices on the web.
    (see page 80) 


  • Appendix F - Electricity Systems - Step-by-Step Videos - Electricity on boats can be scary, mysterious stuff. The video series will walk you through a simple system step-by-step.
    (see page 80)



Think about this for a second .....

 The next time your vessel stops for no apparent reason,
it's probably due to poor battery maintenance.

This guide will enable you to properly service and maintain your boat's batteries.



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Marine Battery Maintenance Guide





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