Marinco Battery Charger 20 Amp On Board

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Detailed Product Description

The Guest 2620A is designed to recharge your batteries
and extend your boat battery’s life 

The Guest 2620A model is designed to both recharge your batteries, and extend your boat battery’s life in applications where it is stored for long periods of time.

The Guest Charge Pro charger is a “3-stage” electronic, completely automatic, lightweight, silent, battery charger and each output produces 12 Volts DC at a full 10 Amps while using much less AC current than other chargers.

You'll be able to keep your boat's battery fully charged with the Guest 2620A Charge Pro marine battery charger.

This Guest marine battery charger is completely sealed in waterproof thermal epoxy to prevent damage and corrosion.

The Guest 2620A charging systems has three-stage charging cycles for fast recovery, overload protection with automatic resets, LEDs to indicate charging status and "Smart" technology to prevent battery damage even when the charger is left on.

This Guest marine battery charger can be used with any battery type, even gel cells and for 12 and 24 volt systems.

The Guest 2620A is equipped with a three-stage switching electronic circuit, with protection against overload and reverse polarity. Protected under extreme ambient conditions, including moisture, vibration, and shock the Guest 2620A charges both 12- and 24-volt output Flooded, Gel, and AGM batteries.

 If you're a serious boat owner then you know the importance of keeping your deep cycle batteriues charged.

 Positive Customer Feedback for the Guest 2620A On Board Battery Charger 

Source: Amazon Reviews…

"This Guest 2620A charger has performed very well for over a year and always has my batteries ready to go"

"Great product. Has been installed for two years"

" It is a solid unit that seems to be made to hold up against the weather. Charges two batteries at the same time on a pontoon"

"I've had it for 6-7 years now, and it has been outside for at least 2-3 of those. The sun has faded the plastic case but it still works very well. Definitely a quality product"

"Cost, reliability well worth the money"


In our research most of the customer feedback on the Guest 2620A On Board Battery Charger was very positive. However, one customer said: "Could not get it to charge long enough" and another said "it didn't charge his AGM batteries"

Important Product Features

Dual marine battery charger for 12- and 24-volt batteries

3-stage electronic switching circuit; 10 amps per output

6-foot AC cord with Connect Charge plug 6-foot DC cable with ring terminals

Measures 9.6 x 7.0 x 2.63 inches (W x H x D)


Guest 2620A Waterproof Charger Features
  • Components are completely sealed in durable, corrosion-proof, waterproof thermal potting compound.
  • Full 3-stage charging for fast, full charging and maintenance.
  • Potted components are fully impact protected.
  • Shockproof and vibration-proof.
  • Built-in electronic overload protection, with automatic reset.
  • Reverse polarity and ignition protected.
  • LEDs indicate state of charge.
  • "Smart" technology can be left on without harmful effects to battery.
  • All models may be used for storage/maintenance.
  • Thermal protection for extreme ambient temperatures.
  • Models for 12, 24 or 36 volt systems.
  • For flooded or gel cell batteries
  • 2 year limited warrenty

Product Information

You won't run out of juice with the Guest Charge Pro

Other features include support for the ConnectCharge permanent mounting system, a maintenance mode that protects the batteries during storage, and a lifetime warranty against water damage.

The Guest 2620A Unit comes complete with pre-wired 6-foot AC cord and 2 6-foot DC outputs with ring terminals. Waterproof, fully-encapsulated electronics.

There's a Lifetime warranty against internal water damage.

Key Product Details

  • Brand: Guest

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