Guest Battery Charger


A Guest battery charger
will charge all types of batteries

A Guest battery charger will keep your boat on the water longer. Guest by Marinco offers a full line of marine chargers that are capable of charging all types of lead acid batteries including flooded, AGM and Gel type batteries.

Every Guest battery charger made is designed to withstand the rigors of life on the water. As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of marine battery chargers and maintainers, Guest offers a complete line of products to meet practically every application – whatever type of boat you own.


A Guest battery charger offers a complete charging system

A Guest battery charger offers you a complete system to extend your fishing time with the latest waterproof marine battery chargers.

The Guest Battery Charger Advantage

Guest battery chargers have evolved to deliver great performance, new technology, longevity and a solution for every boating application.

The Guest battery charger line offers battery chargers specifically designed for your application. Whether the need is for trolling battery charging, cruising house and cranking batteries, offshore fishing, or storage and maintenance, Guest has designed a charger to suit your need. Their chargers are all designed to survive the harsh marine environment and offer years of trouble-free service.

Here’s what other boat owners are saying about various Guest Battery Chargers:

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"The Guest 2613A is great"
"Works great, batteries are ready to go for the next day of fishing"
"This product is very good and would recommend to anyone that has a boat."
"very cool, maintenance free charger"
"great marine battery charger"

 Disadvantages when using a Guest battery charger:

In our research 99% of the customer feedback was very positive.

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