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A Dual Pro Battery Charger has Advanced Charging Technology

Dual Pro charging systems have set the standard in the marine industry.with the safest, most reliable, and best performing battery chargers. A Dual Pro battery charger will keep you on the water longer while extending the life of your bateries. Proudly manufactured in the USA,, the Dual Pro charging system's exclusive DeltaVolt® charging technology is fully automatic and totally waterproof.

The Dual Pro chargers are designed for use in fresh and saltwater and you can plug the charger in and forget about it. The revolutionary Dual Pro battery charging technology is made by one of the leading manufacturers of charging technologies in the world today.

Your fully automatic Pro Charging System battery charging

The company’s Recreation Series of products has earned a reputation as an economical and highly reliable charging solution for weekend and casual boaters.  Pro Charging System’s chargers continues to be the choice of over 50 boat manufacturers and professional fishermen on the B.A.S.S. and FLW tournament circuit.

Pro Charging Systems, LLC (PCS) has been manufacturing waterproof, on-board battery charging systems since 1989. Their charging systems are designed and built tough to withstand intense vibration, extreme temperature variations and submersion without damaging the unit.

Here’s what other boat owners are saying about various Dual Pro battery chargers

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Dual Pro Recreational Series Battery Charger
"Great product! I love it!"
"Nice improvementover my old charger"
"Perfect addition to any boat"

Dual Pro 6 Amp/Bank Recreation Series Triple Output Charger
"The best marine battery charger that I have purchased"
"Well built and feels solid"
"Over all 5 star rating, would recommend to buy"

Disadvantages when using a Dual Pro battery charger

In our research 99% of the customer feedback was very positive. However, we did come across only one buyer who said the instructions could have been better concerning how to hook up

 The systems use temperature compensation in order to fully charge a battery in hot or cold environments and are controlled by microprocessors in order to assure precise control over each totally independent charging bank. All of the Pro Charging System chargers have true reverse polarity protection and shut off completely after each charge cycle.

Once you plug in your Dual Pro battery charger your batteries will be simultaneously and independently charged to 100%. Unlike systems that utilize one large charger to attempt to charge multiple batteries, your system utilizes a totally independent battery charger for each battery. Each charging bank will remain in a “float” stage once the battery is charged and then monitor and/or maintain the battery indefinitely. 

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